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Python library for GDS

Posted in News by Administrator on the May 25th, 2006

This is Python wrapper for GDS Indexing API. Provides an easy access through Python. You can view how it works in our example file – This library works fine with GDS 1.0 version. Latest library always release available here.


Posted in News by Administrator on the May 15th, 2006

We have written a new very useful GDS plugin. GDS Spider. GDSS crawls a web site, downloads all pages of the site to your hard drive, and adds the pages automatically to the GDS search index. After that you will be able to search that web site with GDS locally just like you do it with online. Screenshort(s) look here. Our forum here. Also you can download this plugin here. The price is only $39.95 per license. Buy Now is here. GDSS screenshort:

New Firefox (FF) extension “Google Bookmark’s Manager”

Posted in News by Administrator on the May 15th, 2006

I have written a new Firefox (FF) extension “Google Bookmarks Manager”. It’s works like bookmark’s manager: you can add new bookmark to current site from toolbar, and return to your Google bookmark’s page. For proper work you need to open FireFox browser and then click here Allow FireFox to install new extension. Restart FireFox after installation of this extension.