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Posted in by Administrator on the August 20th, 2005

IQSoftware – software development group.


  • 4+ years experience in relational database design & web database integration (PHP/MYSQL)

  • Fluent in PHP (4/5 ver.), Object-Oriented Design.

  • MySQL (3/4.0/4.1) programming and administration.

  • Use latest technologies of XHTML/CSS and Javascript (3+ years).

  • Building W3C valid content sites, which look the same in all modern browsers (strict XHTML).

  • Cross-browser DHTML(CSS+Javascript).

  • Familiar with e-commerce environment, payment systems integration.

  • Familiar with Unix/Apache environment, Unix administration for all needed site support.

  • Familiar with CVS/SVN

  • All code (both client and server sides) is hand coded in text editors only (no WYSIWYG!)

  • Have strong problem solving, logic skills

  • Ability to perform under tight deadlines (can work overtime)

  • Fluent communication with English speaking party via email or IM online chat.

We posses an excellent team of 20 software engineers experienced in - 1. Java and Internet technologies 2. Web applications development Javascript, CGI, PERL, PHP, VBscript, ActiveX 3. Java, JDBC, JSP, Servlets, WebLogic 4. Web site design. 5. Gif animations, Flash, Macromedia, Lingo Scripting 6. PHP, MySQL, Web Databases 7. Oracle & Developer 2000, Jdeveloper, WebDB 8. Oracle and Visual Basic 6.0 9. ColdFusion, SQL Server, Oracle 10. Access, ASP & VB Applications 11. C, C++, Visual C++ 12.Python (prefered language)

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